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Corporate Overview

The Saba Group is a full service integrated real estate development, construction and management company. Since its inception in 1985, the company has developed and built new professional office centers, residential homes, custom homes, commercial warehouse projects, upscale apartment buildings for active adults as well as acquiring and managing income producing residential apartments, commercial office, retail and warehouse properties in various states.

The Company has been able to serve its customers well for three decades. The Company’s core philosophy of diversification within the real estate industry has been a successful strategy both in the up and down markets allowing substantial returns to its investors.

The average tenure of the core and management staff of The Company exceeds 15 years, further contributing to the success of The Company and creating a stable and consistent customer-friendly service.

With its professional staff in Architectural, Engineering, General Contracting, Construction Management, Real Estate management, business and accounting fields, The Saba Group offers quality services to a wide range of customers and variety of projects.

The Company also provides the above services to its owners, partners and affiliated companies.

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